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From the lab: Parkinson's research lecture series

Want to find out more about research? Our research videos explore the science behind Parkinson's and how researchers are working towards better treatments and a cure.

Once they're better informed about research, people tend to feel a lot better about the future

Dr Dilan Athauda

Watch our latest animations, interviews and lectures below.

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Genetics and movement in Parkinson's

Predicting and preventing Parkinson's

Uncovering new Parkinson's treatments: what's next?

Parkinson's drugs aren't good enough. They don't stop, slow down or reverse the condition. Right now, we're at a tipping point and with decades of research, we've unlocked key discoveries that could transform lives.

In this lecture series we talk about one of the most promising therapies currently being investigated for Parkinson's – our groundbreaking GDNF trial. We also tell you about our bold plan for developing more new and better treatments for Parkinson's faster through our virtual biotech.

Pain and swallowing in Parkinson's

Pain in Parkinson's and swallowing difficulties are two common symptoms of the condition, yet little academic research has been done into them.

In this lecture series, two researchers from the University of Manchester explain their studies into these aspects of Parkinson's, and how they hope the findings will improve life for people affected.

Treating Parkinson's by reprogramming cells

The ability to make stem cells into other types of cells has huge potential for treating Parkinson's.

Professor Roger Barker explains why his study is helping to move things forward. In the second lecture, a patient who took part in Professor Barker's trial explains what it was like to be involved.

Preventing falls and using stem cells to cure Parkinson's

In this series of talks Dr Emily Henderson explains why falls are a common occurrence for people with Parkinson's and how we can prevent them happening.

Dr Rosemary Fricker explains her research into stem cells and why they might be the key to curing Parkinson's.

Parkinson's and Genetics

Researchers have discovered key genes linked to a risk of developing Parkinson's, but how will genetics help us develop new and better treatments?

Mitochondria and Parkinson's

Mitochondria are your cell's energy packs and they could be hugely importance for Parkinson's science. These researchers explain how and why.

Fast-tracking new treatments and drug repurposing

One of Parkinson's UK's aims is to find more, new and better treatments faster. This series of lectures explains what efforts are being made to speed up drug discovery and treatment for Parkinson's.

Protecting precious nerve cells to find a cure

Find out how the nerve cells work and how new technology could help bring us closer to a cure.

Can bespoke treatments improve life with Parkinson's?

Current research is leading us towards a new era of personalised treatment for Parkinson's that could be crucial to finally finding a cure.

Clinical trials and Parkinson's

Hear about our extraordinary GDNF clinical trial underway in Bristol, as well as what Parkinson's trials are like and how they are made possible.

From genes to treatments

Dr Patrick Lewis of University College London and Dr Flaviano Giorgini of the University of Leicester discuss how their work on genetics is helping us develop treatments for Parkinson's.