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EasyCall - A free mobile app for people with Parkinson's

EasyCall is a free app that can make your life a little easier. With EasyCall you can make a call with just one touch.

What's an app?

Apps are clever bits of software that make smartphones do something extra. For example you can have an app that sends the latest weather forecast to your phone. Or one that puts an extra game on your phone. App is just short for 'application'.

What does the EasyCall app do?

Our free EasyCall app lets you call people with just one touch on the screen of your phone.

It's really useful if you find it a bit tricky to use a smartphone or if you have Parkinson's and your symptoms sometimes make it harder to co-ordinate your movements.

With EasyCall you can:

  • call people with just one touch
  • programme in as many numbers as you want
  • change the numbers whenever you want

Download the EasyCall app

How to use EasyCall

Setting up EasyCall

Before you start using EasyCall, you need to put in the numbers of the people you want to call with just one touch. All you have to do is:

  • choose the numbers of the people you want to call
  • tap 'add name' on the screen
  • enter the names and numbers. The app will then display them on the screen

And that's it! You only need to do this once. EasyCall will store all the numbers for you.

Using EasyCall

When you want to call someone, just touch the relevant button. The call will connect automatically.

How to change numbers on EasyCall

You can change any or all of the numbers at anytime. Here's how:

  • press the edit button and enter the new details
  • to keep the changes, press 'done'

If you need a reminder of how to use EasyCall, just tap the information button and the instructions will appear.