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Disability Living Allowance information sheet

Disability Living Allowance information sheet cover

If you have Parkinson's you may have some concerns about how you'll manage financially.

There is some financial support available.

This information sheet explains what Disability Living Allowance is, who qualifies, how to claim and what information you need to supply when you claim.

Disability Living Allowance changes

The criteria for claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA) has recently changed.

It is now only available for under 16s who have some difficulties with walking outdoors or with everyday tasks at home, due to long-term health problems.

Others with these problems should look into claiming different benefits they're entitled to.

People aged 16-64 with these problems may be able to claim Personal Independence Payments. Over 65s should look into Attendance Allowance.

Over the next few years, people already claiming DLA will gradually move to these other benefits  - you will receive a letter about this.

You will not be moved over if you were aged 65 or over by April 2013 and are already claiming DLA.

The information sheet is also available in Microsoft Word format - this enables you to make the text as large as you need.

Download the information sheet below or order a free copy via our distribution house.

May 2016

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