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Cards for Good Causes

Stained glass style nativity scene Christmas card

Cards for Good Causes sells Christmas cards on behalf of 250 charities. Last year, over 100 people volunteered with them for Parkinson's UK and helped us raise more than £112,000.

That's £112,000 that went to finding a cure and improving life for everyone affected by Parkinson's. But we couldn't have done it without the help of our amazing volunteers.

Can you help us?

Cards for Good Causes manages over 300 shops across the UK, and they need volunteers like you to staff them. Let's make this year another great year for Parkinson's UK card sales.

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What's involved?

  • In the lead-up to Christmas you'll help sell cards in one of the pop-up shops across the country, in churches, schools, libraries and town halls.
  • You'll volunteer approximately 3 hours per week or per fortnight (or more if you can!).
  • You'll receive training to use simple electronic tills and take payments with credit/debit card machines.

This is a great opportunity to gain retail experience, develop customer service skills and meet new people. Many volunteers enjoy it so much they return year after year.

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