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Understanding my Dad's behavior

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KatC Parkinson's UK

Hi Pink, 

This sounds like it has been devastating for you and your family, I'm so sorry to hear all of this. Parkinson's really can have such a wide impact on loved ones. 

How is your therapy going? Keep us updated on your progress and know that we're here to listen when you need to talk. 

Take care, 



He might do allot better off agonists from personal experience thing that is so important is to stay busy and avoid isolation,the more social contact the better.

Dr.Low always like to be in a group.

If your father is upsetting try looking through his eyes.So many family choose to ignore their loved one,modern times ugh.Another saying ,Men suffer mostly from the age they live

Christmas is coming ,we love music.





Hi Kat


The therapy is going really well, thanks for asking! I feel like have made peace with my demons and am embarking on an email relationship with my Dad.....time will tell how that will work out


Hi John

I have tried to understand my Dad many times, but when I am being told by his consultant and himself that his behaviour is NOT his medication - what is one supposed to think? Not sure my father thought about anyone else's feelings when he embarked on his affair with another woman. Or, when he called me some horrific names and said some unthinkable things to me. I have tried to be understanding and supportive and have had EVERY single time thrown back in my face which is devastating every single time. How often do I put myself in harms way? Or back to square one on MY road to recovery?

Island Mike

The problem here is the consultant - I can see where he’s coming from. It looks to him like normal behaviour, because it is if you live in a TV soap. It is only close relatives who can see the complete change of character caused by the medication. Only until he is completely off dopamine agonists and on dopamine replacement will old dad return. The only way this can happen is the family ganging up on the consultant to change the medication if you can convince him that it it is a complete change of character.

What happens after that is of course an unknown, but at least you will know it’s real.