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What if we missed out December,

from November straight to January the First!

What would you miss if that happened?

The best month to lose? Or the worst?


A wing and a prayer

Red breasted Robin
Soared into the air
Higher and higher
So high he did dare

Suddenly a noise
Then hit by a gust
He looked at his wing
He saw it was bust

He began to plummet
Gathering speed
One wing and a prayer
Are all that he needs

He lands on soft moss
and it does yield
He lay there winded
On back in the field

Hurt from the high fall
Battered and so bruised
He got up staggered
He was so confused

He looked up a star
He saw in the sky
Over a building
Must get there must try

Tried out his poor wings
One he could not flap
Weery legs carry
Needs rest needs a nap

As he enters in
Sees a true wonder
A stable view that
He must now ponder

Finds there a manger
With baby sleeping
Animals surround
For its safekeeping

Robin settles in
To peaceful slumber
Rest and something more
Helps him recover

Wakes to angel voices
Fill the air with song
Getting up rejoices
Never felt so strong

Wise men maybe kings
Visit baby born
Shepherds gaze downwards
at the start of morn

Robin flaps his wings
Wing broken no more
Its a miracle
Its not even sore

Filled with renewed hope
Gone with pain gone fear
Robin the Redbreast
Spreads Xmas cheer

He flew up and out
Left church to be free
Congregation watches
Their nativity


This is one from last year but not sure if posted here then


My poem from last year

Advent Calendar, up and ready,
Count December days again,
For the birth of special baby,
And visit of Three Wise Men.
Or am I on the wrong track,
No baby there at all!
Just a big, red, chuckling Santa,
Climbing chimney wall!

Some look forward to the infant king,
Nativity, holy birth,
A saviour for the people,
To unite all those on Earth.
A baby wrapped in swaddling clothes,
Asleep in box of hay.
A blessing for mankind!
From that First Christmas Day!

Or is it Santa that we’re waiting for,
Carrying bulky sack?
Presents for the lucky kids,
When there’s nothing much they lack!
Parents searching high and low,
For this year’s special toy.
Forget how much it costs!
How easy to destroy!

Which way do you see Christmas?
Ask my daughter and she’ll say,
‘A satsuma and chestnut stuffing
Make it a special day.’
The presents ripped wide open,
Littering the floor!
What was that peaceful message,
Behind the stable door?


Good poems, PW and Lin 




For children it is Santa

They perceive with innocent awe,

Coming down the chimney

With a sack of goodies in tow.

Christmas Eve excitement reigns,

As that special day comes near.....

Parents warn they must behave,

So it's bed and a little fear.


Always there, is this deep fear,

Without any explanation,

That it might all be a lie, 

Just a man made aberration.


so true EM


Lips plant a kiss
Sowing the seed
Of a new beginning

Moist tenderness
With a hearts warmth
Romance germinates

Intimacy shared
Mouths paired as one
For much more than just words



Eyes alight on terms of tenderness
Written in trust asserts affection
Emotion expressed honest intent
Smiles encouraged, ego massaged

Digits delve deft discovering
Dads Daughters declarations
Drafted to delight, draws to depict
Decorated devotions donated

Dad tidies the house, love's memories
Cards inhabit every room
Love messages flow consistent 
Celebrating birthdays days, dads days

Humbled by the adoration
Pride permeates within his soul
Uplifted as his spirits take flight
Saviours  past, soars into future




Blessed is the man, who has a daughter's love,

That love warms his heart,.as if it were a glove.



And this is for our temporary visitor, who seems to have taken up permanent residence.


The dog is in the doghouse,
She has been playing up,
After hours sleeping peacefully,
She now thinks that she's a pup.
With such long legs to hold her,
She can reach the table top,
Sniff out any crumbs up there,
While we stand about and gawp.
Then her nose it disappears,
Right into the litter bin.
Occasion'lly she has found
Some scraps of food therein.
Alas she finds no food there,
So her head it reappears,
Nose held high to sniff around
Ever pricking up her ears.
In silence now we watch her
We, half hidden behind the door-
She struts around,looking out
For something on the floor.
Then she sees it peeping out,
Right from underneath the chair,
But we,disturbed, do not see
Just what happens over there.
The dog has gone to bed now,
As good as good can be;
The pillow she rests her head on
Resembles a slipper, you see.
That is some of many of
Her innocent little pranks,
But that day she came to us-
For that day, we still give thanks.



Thank you.

I think my daughters would love your dog