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Entitlement to any form of financial support

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Island Mike

I’m in receipt of both elements of PIP. I got the daily living element accidentally- I just wanted higher rate mobility to convert to Motabilty so that could use it to lease a flashy road going mobility scooter. When I was assessed, it was mentioning stuff like I need a perching stool to do the cooking (2 points) and more often than not my wife has to put my socks on ( that’s help in getting dressed, 2 points) and so forth. It adds up quickly - I think 8 points gets you standard rate PIP, 12 the enhanced rate. It’s hardly life changing money - it’s designed as a supplement to reflect the extra expenses that disability causes.

As I said, I simply wanted the mobility award for the mobility scooter to spare me forking out the best part of £6k for the scooter. I pay more tax on my pension than I get in PIP, so it’s more of tax rebate. It’s certainly no fun at all qualifying for it, that’s for sure.


thanks Wildrover and Island Mike; best wishes to both; I will look at the point system in PIP, and still, for now, feel I wouldn't get 8 points, though dressing is an effort for sure; Good luck Wildrover, as you probably will get some benefit from higher dosage, I hope