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Oh the last 4 lines Ellemac



Hi ElleMac,

after your powerful poem, could I re-post some verses I posted a few months back


Sometimes I just sit and ponder, on what life is meant to be.
I just can’t fathom why I have developed into a conscious entity,
Who has the power to reason and the power to wonder why
Then have it snatched away from me, it makes me want to cry.

Many search for a purpose, as to why consciousness exists.
Yet no answer to that question, in my puzzled mind persists.
The task I surmise is fruitless, we may never resolve it for sure
For as Jean Paul Sarte said, we need to find our own life’s door.

Jokingly we call ourselves nutters, as all of us chuckle or curse
We highlight joys and sorrows and place them in prose and verse
Long may this endeavour continue on this forum or anywhere new
It’s a way we can be tougher and share the world we pass through

So as the stuff I’ve just spouted may be just a lousy rhyme
I’ll jump in my time machine and travel through all space and time
A Metaphor, dream, or reality? It really doesn’t much matter to me
For I guess it’s just a way of saying “sod it” to this bloody PD.


Hi TeeHee x


Hi Jules. 

I like your poem. It is very true, and I especially like the conclusion. EM


Hi Mosie. 

How are you? Hope you will be back with one of your poems. EM 


A new morning, a new day. X