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PIP, some good news

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That's a very good site TeeHee, it's put my mind at rest a whole lot, thank you for supplying the link I'm very grateful

Sheila x




Assessment over and it seemed to go quite well, but the assessor didn't give much away, now the wait for DWP to decide what they are going to do! Never thought to ask for a copy of what she typed down, damn!

Thanks again TeeHee - Sheila


Hope you get the best result. I’m steeling myself to make that all important first phone call. I’ve heard some scary things about these assessments but will get any and all help that’s out there. Let us know how you get on.




Will do Emswife, assessor said it could take up to six weeks!



Pleased it went well Sheila.  6 wks seems a long time but it will fly by, will keep fingers crossed for you. x