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Recognition of symptoms

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KatC Parkinson's UK

Hi everyone, 

I think there has been some interesting and open discussion on this thread, which we encourage, but please make sure you remember the forum rules. Disagreement is absolutely fine but just be careful and think before you post, it's not fair to label others behaviour if you don't know the whole story. 

It's easy to read in to posts and sometimes make assumptions, we're only human. But please be respectful. It's also worth remembering that if you feel offended by a post, the other user has most likely not meant to cause offence at all. 

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Thanks everyone, 



benji form PK1 Section 1.2

Ali p

Thank you Benji

Section 1:2

I DO NOT drive if I am likely to wear off or freeze.  

Please see the link below regarding freezing.

I have never worn off nor froze up whilst driving, freezing occurs in pwp mainly when walking.

I don’t drive on motorways, and never drive long journeys, in fact, don’t drive very often

i hope this clarifys things for you.  Please feel free to pm me at any time if you need further information.