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Remembrance poems and prose

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Hi All,

Lin and Mike,

Great poems and yet so different. Sums up the folly, the bravery, the anguish and the loss so well.

JP Your telling of what happened to your Wife's Great Aunt, adds another sad dimension to the cruelty and barbarism human beings can sink to. Makes you wonder what is it all about?



Alfie ?




What's it all about, Alfie.  my humour,, after  what Jules posted.  ( a song from yesteryear)

Island Mike

My Great granddad is buried in Poperinghe

39 years old, (four kids) called up in 1918

Wage earner, Weaver. Gone.

Then poverty and suffering. 

For what?

Come on, for what?


Greed and Power of leaders....fulfilling their desires and perceived needs.  

At the cost of ordinary, hardworking people.

I know the question was probably rhetorical but it is so sad.   The people responsible for starting wars are generally amongst the  survivors, the brave ill equipped soldiers were the ones with their names carved onto stone.


mike 700

Thank you folks for your praise
but my rhyming game I very clearly must raise
To get to your level and others familiar
In poetry and in verse and things oh so similar

Because I am of course the founding member
In fact still the only one if I rightly remember
Of the Bad Poetry and even worse Rhyme Club
Meetings on Tuesday 1900 in the local pub

‘Cause now when it comes to subject matters
My thinking is often left in tatters
It's clear that some think that I'm getting old and getting daft
With difficulty great to perform this poetry task

But I’ll continue writing this gibberish in verse
Even if it makes the real poets want to curse
But it's no good getting too uptight
Especially at this time of the night

It's time to bathe and then relax
Although, hold on The boss is taking me to task
To hydrotherapy I've today been
so she says therefore I'm already clean

For Water's not to waste these days
And I'm told to see the error of my ways
'Cause At Thames Water's excessive pricing
With our meagre pension we would be dicing

Now that I no longer have a job & only Pension income
We have to watch the pennies, the pounds and then some
But what the hell I say you only live the one time
So spend and enjoy and whatever else will rhyme

So I’m off to bathe and then by 10.30 to bed
Where clean warm and comfy I'll rest my weary head
And for once hope to sleep the whole night through
For after the strain of writing this rubbish, a full night's sleep will be what I'm due.



Late yet again

Poppies holding memories those that died
Stranger Friends Brothers lay side by side
Never forget though heart twinges shame
Life given my freedom know none’s name     

Just a soldier of many who’s bravery shook
A person was someone not statistic in book
Nearly half a million British soldiers passed
One shares name his bravery my mind cast 

1492995 service number J**n G***y  called
Royal Artillery Gunner 1942 year was killed
Millions died their names my lips never say
Now name to reflect remembrance Sunday

Just something personal only I make balance
May seem strange in this head makes sense
Numbers graphs show cost not feel the tragic
Now in my mind soldier is no longer a statistic