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have eye problem double vision sometimes even treble ! great when counting pension .had parkinsons 12 yrs + .anyone else same symptom?


What a relief for you Glasgow Girl.  They really ought  to  have some sort of emergency system for anything as alarming as you have  had.. even though  most PD symptoms creep up.   I get day long bouts of dyskinesia - not particularly  dose related which leave me very distressed and often with muscle strain in my ribs.  When  it is  that happening  I  want help now not five days'  time.   I don't think the PD nurse got  it bu ta call to the secretary of my neuro gfot me an  appointment and after a year or more, something else is  being tried whereas before I felt left high and   dry.


Mysteriously my problem with opening eyes first   thing  has gone as suddenly as it came with no chjange of meds.  I was on the verge of botox  butt had  put it the specialist seemed to have developed cold feet about the whole thing. 


I haven't been on here for some time.   I don't k know how long the new style website has been on the  go   but I must say it is a vast improvement on the previous  one/


Glasgow girl

Hi thanks for your reply and hope everything has been sorted out for you.


Surprisingly the fast shut eye as per previous post has got better as mysteriously and suddenly as it arrived.