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My Brother Nigel

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My Brother Nigel

We waited every morning, right by the garden gate,
For my little brother Nigel, who was always running late.
My mum would try to trick him, she'd set his clock ten minutes fast,
But he never woke with his alarm and getting up time just sailed past.

My teacher, Mrs. Sighalot, looked at the clock and then at me,
You can stay and make your lost time up after the bell goes at half past three.
That was it, the final straw, I needed to find a way,
To get my little brother up to speed and ready to face the day.

Late that night when everyone in the house had gone to bed,
Ideas of how to speed up our Nigel, flew round inside my head.
But the one that I decided on needed an old toy of mine,
What will Mrs. Sighalot say when she sees me at school on time?

I took the receiver from my radio controlled car and secured it to Nigel's vest,
That would help me speed up that lazy little pest.
So next morning when he got up, twenty minutes after his alarm,
I didn't try to hurry him, in fact I stayed quite calm.

He dressed, and as he started his breakfast, I switched on the radio control,
He moved so fast, the unfortunate child, nearly choked on his bread roll.
And as I stood by and altered his speed, he raced past mum to collect his books,
She just watched him, open mouthed, then gave me some funny looks.

Now we are never late for school, I am the hero of the hour,
And with my little controller, l possess great power.
I slow down and speed up our Nigel just when I feel like it,
And when I get fed up of him, I turn him off for a bit.



this is also great just the right amount of whimsy



2  amusing poems, made me smile x


Thank you, your online name suggests you like a laugh. You might enjoy a poem I posted a while back if you have a spare minute. It isn't Keats or Milton but always make me smile. It is called Rescued. Take care.


Thanks Silverlining will look it up, and keep the poems coming. xx


Brilliant Silverlining more gold than silver. Read  Smell the Roses, as well , just the thing to reinforce getting me back on track, after a little blip, so thank you for that one as well xx