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alcohol and parkinsons

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Totally agree with tabby cat and DivineR,  I am careful not drink to excess but why we should have to give up doing what we enjoy because of this pesky condition. 

It is already an insult that we have PD when none of us have done anything to deserve this so we try to carry on as normal as possible. 

There is only one person whom controls how my PD effects me and you know who that is ME.




Before being diagnosed Parkinsons when we were talking Essential and Dystonic Tremor my GP recommended alcohol to calm the tremors down but at the time I was a Lorry Driver and alcohol and driving just don't mix.  So the only time I could drink was at weekends like Friday and Saturday evening.  As time wore on I found myself not wanting the alcohol and now I am lucky if I fancy a tipple once in eight or more weeks, certainly it is a rarity these days and if I do it is when i've not got to drive the next day.  Having been diagnosed Parkinsons in 2011 meant I could no longer operate heavy machinery as was the type of vehicle I drove.  So, now when I am out I always ask for J20, even after a Bowls match.


i started drinking heavily after my wife died. One night I blacked out and ended up in A and E with 2 children, one with downs, on their own at home. That was two and a half years ago and I havent drunk any alcohol since then. The reason we take pills is to keep our brains working near normal. Alcohol has the opposite effect. It is a poison that has ruined millions of lives. It turns people into violent idiots. I detest it.