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Any Gay Parkies?

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Haven't been diagnosed yet but waiting for neurology appointment. Being gay with no family support network means that I feel very alone. That's why I joined this forum because the contributors seem very supportive and non-judgemental.


Hi there all of the above

Hope you don't mind me muscling in on the chat. I am not gay which makes no difference one way or another but this topic is called as much. I think you can get as much out of these sites as you want to, if any of you are like me then you don't want too much information but company and solidarity.

​ Rosewall, I hope you find some company and support on here , can't imagine going through something like this alone, alot of PD sufferers use this forum to share their illness and compare notes by way of release. They possibly find it easier than talking to those closest. If by what you say doesn't harm anyone and makes you feel better then its done its job for you.

Good luck n take care all



G'day Kev

I didn't interpret any of these post the way you have, we obviously perceive things differently. I am in no way talking for the chaps on here but i think it's no different asking if there are any gay people with PD to asking if there are sports enthusiasts, single parents or  trainspotters with PD. Its just like minded people coming together. nothing said inferred that PD had anything to do with sexuality.


SuzanneB Parkinson's UK

Hi everyone

Sorry to join the thread so late but wondered if you had seen a recent Parkinson's UK news story.  There are online pilots of self-management groups starting soon, one of the groups is for people with Parkinson's and their partners and carers who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and or transgender. 

You can find out more by emailing [email protected],uk or read the news story

Best wishes