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Thank you for the information.  It's good to see information referenced to source.  I found it helpful, I often read research papers on the net and am interested in toxicity issues in particular with regard to some of the medications prescribed for PD, in particular levodopa.  


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I am interested also in oxidative stress, and have always tried trying to avoid levopoda but recently gave in taking 25/100 twice a day now added to 4mg ropinerole , 1mg Azilect.  diagnosed 2008.

My plan is to gain more knowledge on diet exercise and try and strengthen /build muscles as pain has led to periods of inactivity.  pain relief sorted so hopefully be fitter soon.  

Hope you continue to do well, I see you are medication free after 10yrs , a woman who attends same hospital clinic as myself has just started taking medication after 15yrs. I know some people can cope without meds , but of course PD is different for everyone.  

Take Care x




Anything on Squalamine?


Your post was interesting and have looked at research articles, yet to decide.

Good luck, with the treatment plan you choose.  It's our lives, our bodies only right we should have a say.

Take Care 


I’m making up my mind whether to take the capsules of the liver of the dogfish shark by mouth or not. 

It happens
It happens

Apparently Squalamine is classed as a steroid.

Some steroids are linked with triggering type 2 diabetes, and it is not clear if this particular one is safe or not.

Also.depending on how this is extracted, there may be exposure to mercury if it comes from the shark liver or spleen.  Make sure the supplement comes from  reputable supplier.