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Hello and after tips from anyone who does long distance cycling. I have previously cycled commuting for work and occasional trips but nothing major. I'm going to be cycling for a long distance in July for first time as a personal challenge. Tried a friends bike as I will have a Broadman Hybrid beginning of May which I will ensure is right size and comfy.

The problem I found is that I was only on it for 15mins and left arm got quite sore and after tips to make cycling long distance a bit easier with reg


regards to possibility of pulling and shaking. Not bothered about times or such as will finish whenever but just tips that have helped other pwp's in past. I could have thought of this before but never sore when cycled even with Parkinson's. Thinking the bike could be ot blame as last bike was measured and only had faint aches.

Thanks in advance


Jay Clock

I am newly diagnosed but also a very fit and active person (doing my 4th Ironman in 3 weeks time).  If anyone wants bike chat, give me a try... 


Fantastic! Stay strong throughout, I do not suffer with PD (my mother has it) but I am keen cyclist, I know there are many sponsored bike rides for PD, would you be interested in involving more people with PD to cycle?