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Possible diagnosis

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Island Mike

I’m coming to this thread rather late, but I wonder why you are thinking of Parkinson’s. I think you should have a open mind when you see the consultant, because your symptoms fit at least two more likely diagnoses, and some unlikely ones as well. So don’t be surprised if the consultant doesn’t kick off with the standard tests for Parkinson’s. It still could be PD, of course. I expect the consultant will run through the possibilities. 


HI Mike,

No worries. I can understand your point for sure, I can't pigeonhole my expectations. To be honest the main reason I suspected Parkinson's was the weakness on one side and lack of swing with footdrop as that's all Google could come up with (dangerous to self diagnose this way of course). 

Obviously the consultant will have plenty of experience, or at least I hope so!

Island Mike

Funnily enough, Portster, that’s one of the symptoms that can belong to many conditions (including a slipped disc) . As you’ve discovered, Dr Google isn’t always the best diagnosticianconfused