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PiP waiting time

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Island Mike

I've been reading this thread with interest. There appears to be a slight misunderstanding about PIP. It does not matter one jot what your diagnosis is. It counts for absolutely nothing in their assessment. All they are interested in is the effects on your daily life. This is to assess your degree of disablement for benefit purposes. The claim forms are a classic example of how to do this, though you may not think so. Nobody thinks so, that's how good they are. It doesn't matter which disease support forum you go on, there's always a thread complaining they don't ask the right questions on the forms. Yes they do. 

How ATOS  interpret that info is a different matter. 


In exactly 14 days I will celebrate my 69th birthday and still I am awaiting a result that is fair,accurate, and at least has a sensibility about. I am due to attend a tribunal,date yet to be sorted, and it means that the process is encountered to its 14th month.  The errors that have been made in my assessments are worrying in their inaccuracies. Right side confused with left.Answers to questions recorded without thought. Do you have a social life was one question that I replied that some days people do come to see me. The fact that since New Years Eve we have only been out in the dark twice.So the conclusion ....he has an active social life. Pity the assessor did not know me before PD arrived. I do try to retain a positivity to life but of the 11 yrs since diagnosis this last year has been a really difficult one to deal with.

This time scale is unbelievable as every query,question seems to take weeks and weeks to deal with and as I understand  PIP as a benefit finishes at 64 years of age.and here am I with my 70th year not so far away. The other interesting element is that  having contacted my MP some 3 times ,albeit by e mail, I have yet to have the courtesy of even an acknowledgement,yet alone a reply or any offer of support. 

At this moment in time I am on the brink of telling a number of newspapers exactly what is happening to people with Parkinson's with the result that the life we are struggling to get on with in a positive fashion is just being effectively wrecked.  I do not think about the future in great detail as it really does not fill me with too much hope .Normally I am a positive person but as another week rolls away and still nothing in terms of progress I am going to really sort myself out when I wake up in the morning and get back to living each day one at a time.


have contacted pduk for advice


Well after 15 months with a appearance  at a Tribunal the job is done and an award has been sorted. It will be less than I was entitled under the DLA but at is at a level that I am willing to accept. It was never about money ,it was about acceptenance of the issues relating to PIP and  it's relationship with people with Parkinson's

If you are in the middle of the same issue as this ,keep going and don't give up.