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Devils Sporn

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the Pokermid
Devils Sporn

I wrote this back in September 2008 


Devils Sporn


Devils and daemons ‘pon damnations seat,
Furnace of brimstone and sulphuric heat
Amulet crystals predicting decay,
Feline familiars, sly, purring in play.

Lucifer’s minions fuel eternal pyres,
Seeds of the tempter sown in flaming fires
Sculptured in Hades for solstice array,
Stone ring ‘o’ roses in granite display.

Harpies and Maenads are screeching delight,
Demonic chorus allure through the night.
Venom of serpents and poison of toads,
Spice hemlock cauldron whilst witches chant odes.

Sign of the Great Beast is thrice times a 6.
Sovereign of darkness and Prince of the Styx.
Death’s mighty river exudes hate and fear,
Hell hath no fury as its bore does rear.

Court Armageddon at end of your days,
In revelations the holy book says.
Eyes of the Angel who fell from Gods grace,
Bloodshot with lust on Beelzebub’s face.


Pokermid eek

Island Mike

Love the Poem. Cheered me up no end. Having a bad day, Pokermid?eek

the Pokermid

Nah, nuffink to do with whether I had a good or bad day Island Mike.

I wrote this years ago when I was under the influence of DA's!

Still, glad it cheered you and your end up!lol