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Aye aye daffy 

hope cherry is doing okay not heard much of your puppy stories curious ? Buddy's growing into a spoilt dog but that's what we get them for  take care

tooraloo Ian , 


Hi Idj

Cherry's doing fine thanks. House training's coming along well. She and Merlin have some lovely games together now he's finally remembered how to play. I'm afraid she's going to be bigger than him and with a fuller coat. So much for my idea of a smaller shorter haired dog next! Still it's temperament that matters most isn't it and I know the breeder breeds purely  for health and temperament. The idea of another dog now is - do it while I can.Training I mean as I'm the dog trainer. My husband likes having a dog but isn't so keen on doing the basic training.

I'll bet buddy has the best of all worlds up in Scotland with you and your wife.

I haven't posted on here a while as I'm never quite sure where to post. So many seem to know each other well, with "in " jokes and comments so that i feel I'll be intruding. And unfortunately I'm one of life's plodders who always thinks of a brilliant, succinct comment 10 days or more late, long after the conversation has moved on several subjects! That's one thing I can't blame on PD as I've always been the same.

Bye for now Ruth


Aye aye daffy

if you go to social page find the thread everything except PD I will post you there , it's a good site for chat