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Gou Teng

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Dear Quiest,

Thank you so much for your post about your experience with Gou Teng.

I am a recently diagnosed 42-year-old who wants to follow your lead and explore what the herb does for me.

I don't want to take up too much of you time, but can I ask you a few questions please, your answers will help me a great deal.

--- Do you still use the herb? Has the effect been consistent for you?

--- There are many brand options on the website. Which particular one do you use? Thank you.

--- Which dose have you ended up on?

--- Do you stay on the same dose indefinitely or have some on/off periods? If so, what are they?

--- Have you used other herbs with it to enhance the effect? If so, which brand and dosage did you use?

Thank you very much for reading. I really appreciate your help.