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Positive Thinking

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and again hmmn let me think (I don't believe it either but sometimes i do) F.U.C.K.


For you Mr Parkinson's disease.

Dick Dastardly

I made a permanent positive satement. A tattoo of a fist ( with 1 finger up) to PD.on my left shoulder.


Hello and I think it's great Di...............hang on best be careful how I word this or will have to post in the R U Curious topic (which i'm not even when on Requip XL). Like your style Mr Dick Dastardly and keep on fighting. I sound like your dog Mutley when I laugh people say when i get a fit of the giggles and like your attitude a lot.

Shaken, not stirred.

I endorse everything you said, I manage parkinsons by doing everything that helps me keep active and upbeat. Like you I think I can't change the fact that i have it, but I can control how i react to having it.

Dick Dastardly

Good evening. I have been experiencing loadsa  trouble  trying to upload the photo  off my shoulder​ to be my  Avittar. I will get it soon ....,.. promiss.   Mike​


Been positive is an outlook. It doesn't fix everything, solve everything or change everything but it can change you to manage these things. Remember it is not an action but a feeling to help you try take action.

Letting out what is weighing you down is the most positive thing you can do and is never a negative (unless your one of those who reveals endings of films. Now that is a negative) as someone else will see they are not on their own and friendships have even been formed. 


Been positive doesn't mean everything is or will be fine. It means i'm going to deal with it the best I can.





Maybe me but i feel like I have to justify my condition symptom wise because of how i am. I suppose I haven't helped myself but we are all different and i like who i'am.

I am a 8 and a half year diagnoses JPWHP. I suffer less than some and more than others and try to make a positive from a negative situation. I can do more than some less than others and just do what i can do. I can cope more with some things and cope less with other things  and try to live as much as life while I  can. We are all at different stages and will all experience these stages.

I will always have positive outlook even when i don't feel like it as how i get through. I think this post may be for me.I will explain my condition to people who ask and raise awareness but never justify it here either.



Humble enough to know i'm no better than anyone but wise enough to know i'm not the same as everyone.