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Diagnosed today

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O deary poor editha do you hate me the most ,    Or is it that queer ones that will not post 

you give up to easy it has to be said         all my nice postings and you haven't read 

Could it be your a little bit stressed       You can hide if you want but am not depressed 

your maybe not happy with your diognose     A bit of a shock for you then I suppose 

maybe some day we will get you on here        And I'll be the first to give a big cheer 

it won't cost you nothing to be polite             It would stop me writing all of this  s.... 

So that's the end of today's patter          If you don't want to post it really don't matter 

so now you see we like some good fun too      The balls in your court it's all up to you 

am gonna retire now as I need little breaks   All of this writing it gives me the shakes 

we are all waiting to hear from you.    This is me Ian that says tooraloo    X