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Hypersexuality and Mirapexin

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ali j

I carnt stand it anymore,go on go on,all that's done,no answers make my brain work,I just don't get it,I don't understand it all.Whats the difference between one and the other,whys my head feeling all scrambled up inside,please please someone explain the difference between them.



                     Whats probably the  worse aspect of Hypersexuality in me  at least was I needed to explore sexual adventures with  my  dear  wife, now I have  to  say at  first  she was  very  in  fact  shockingly enthusiastic , well I dont need  to  go  into detail do I  just  say  everything, yes  everyhing,  you  name  it,  but  one rainy  Friday  we went  to this  club  and  she  was quickly  chatting to  two  attractive   22yr  olds ,  and  soon  they  were  dancing, and  I  feel like  a  pillock  dancing she looks  so sexy  so  the  more it  went  on  I  kNEW i  HAD to  act as  things  were getting  out  of  control, we were  asked back to a party but there were only three women and  30  blokes  so I  just drove  past  the  address and    that  was  not  the  first  time I had  put  my  lovely  wife   in harms  way, eventually she  sat me down and we  talked and talked we  were  both unaware  we  were  damaging  a  great marriage,  and 2 or 3 shocking  events  later I  stopped  the  HYPER  IN  ITS TRACKS, I  put  a really shocking  video on my laptop and  placed  it  where I  KNEW SHE  WOULD  FIND  IT,,,(she  did )  and  the pooh  hit  the fan,  she  was  so  disgusted  and  I also  that  I would  look as  such  filth  that  she  warned me  if  I DID  NOT  STOP  she  would  go, I  STOPPED  It  was  FED4s  ownd  brand  of  aversion therapy,  now  it  worked  for  me but it is  very  dangerous  your  partner must  be  willing  and  very  understanding  or  it  could  backfire  on  you.

                                 I HAVE NEVER BEHAVED THAT  WAY  SINCE THE  HYPER IS   CAGED