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does anyone know how I feel?

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Six weeks in  this nightmare and it just gets worse Getting help seems to require constant phone calls and chasing up professionals Im just exhausted !


Hi Tereskova,

Just been reading your thread. How are things now? I quit Mirapexin last year after it turned me in to a psychotic gambler. I so nearly lost everything, marriage, home....nothing was normal. I had terrible withdrawal symptoms coming off Mirapexin. DAs are brilliant drugs for Pd when they work correctly, but the problem with them is that if they do not, and they make the patient OCD, then the patient will not tell you about things going wrong until they have reached the point of no return, generally when things are so bad that they simply cannot hide the compulsive problems any more, in my case having lost tens of thousands of pounds.

Life with Pd or life with a Pd patient is a cruel and complicated journey. It was only after the superhuman love my wife demonstrated to me she has for me, that I set about mending my ways. Having come off the high dosage of this drug, my mind is cleaner. I now can enjoy the freedom of not deceiving, hiding, or worrying. I am not able to move properly anymore, but we're still working on that, but I have my marriage, and without that would have nothing.

You can make it I am sure. Any advice or support I can give, I would be more than happy to offer.




Hello Tereskova

              I share your agony friend for as I mentioned in my earlier post I  caused my  dearest wife  the  same heart ache through my  unforgivable behaviour we are ok now but  there will always be  that  lack of trust though I never  sought gratification elsewhere its the destruction  of  trust , thats the killer blow for  if  you  cannot learn  to  trust him once  through this  horrible situation then hope is lost  given the   right  meds im sure  your  husband can  recover and  will be ashamed of  himself, I was and  always will be

                                        I HOPE WITH ALL MY  HEART THAT  THIS COMES RIGHT

                                                         Best wishes  FEDSS


Dear Tereskova, 

I came on the forum tonight looking for some​ support and read this thread. I'm so sorry you have had such an awful time. I truly​ hope​ you are okay, l found your strength and love for your husband  so moving. Thank you for being brave enough to share, I wish you peace,

CB xx

ali j

Here I'm sitting with my feet up again,there swollen,it keeps happing to me.Does anyone no why?Ive been put on water tablets,not working,been on them nearly 2 weeks.