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The Tutor

Hi Hans, I hope you're well & still pumping iron too :-)

Me? I've been doing a lot of running/jogging; joined a friendly running club (Jaffa Ipswich) too. I'm already booked-in for three 2016 races. Roll on!

Sorry need to go out.

All the best,


The Tutor

p.s. Sorry I neglected to say - interesting sup list Hans, thx!


I try to walk, run, and cycle (not simultaneously though)

The thing I've found since diagnosis, and probably before, is the real bad pains in my upper legs (quads) that feel massively fatigued before even starting. It's like a fatigued to the point of bruising sensation, similar to after finishing the marathon in 2003.

I tried rest, which didn't help, so now just walk, run, or cycle through it (generally painfully slowly). My power outputs are significantly less than my hey day, but as long as I ignore the pain, I can keep active.

Any similar experiences out there, ideally with some options to try to help?


At 48 yrs of age and DX a few months ago I've started to play Rugby after an 18yr break... I'm not going out without a fight big grin

Dick Dastardly

It's 04.17 and I am 75 today​. Restarted running again 8 months ago. 5km Parkruns every Saturday with the occasional​ 10 km "just for fun".    But still having problems with regular sub 35mins for 5km.  Spent yesterday afternoon with my personal trainer ( also my physiotherapist) and it was hot.   Love running  and will keep at it as long as my " bent  " body will allow.     Mike

Glasgow girl

Hi Mike



Enjoy your day.  And keep running you are an inspiration !!!

Best wishes Barbara xxx