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Neuroplasticity and John Pepper

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Hi everybody.

Have spoken to the organiser of the Shaftesbury event featuring John Pepper. Sounds worthwhile attending if you are not too far away. Cost £10.

Alternatively he will be in Bristol and London, doing his stuff to get PWPs exercising and walking better / again.


Looking to Learn

Thanks for mentioning to everyone 

There is a talk and demonstration in Richmond upon Thames on 21 September at 7pm and in Ashford, Middlesex at 2pm on 22 September.

If anyone would like further details please let me know.



Looking to Learn


I am just e mailing you in case you have not seen that John Pepper will be doing some talks and demonstrations in the UK in September - please let me know if you would like some more details.

Best wishes 


I do hope you will report on the event.  I believe John himself to be genuine in his desire to help others and his focus on exercise and mindfulness is helpful but I have been somewhat sceptical of his original diagnosis since he wrote he has an essential tremor not a resting one and this is confirmed by his neuro.   He also wrote that at a recent appointment his neuro said his 'Parkinsons' was not idiopathic.  

I am sure his enthusiasm for walking exercise will be inspiring.    

I also look forward to hearing people's experience with reversing their PD as he writes he has done.


Hi Hikoi,

I recognize your username from healthunlocked - I'm partypants over there.

I won't be reporting as I (arguably hypocritically) didn't go in the end. I'm afraid I lost faith as the reality of living with PD kicked in - I was only in my first year of diagnosis then and wanted desperately to have something to hope could help.

I have tried walking and other forms of exercise but nothing has halted the progression so far.