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I was most impressed with the concept of PD Warrior and undertook some 1 on 1 training with Jakko  last week . I  will be at the clinic next on Thursday 17/11 at 10.0 am perhaps I'll see you there  

I live in CAERLEON  only a stone's throw from the clinic

I was diagnosed 16 years ago (not 5 as in  my last  message)  and am finding that as I seem to have become immune to the meds this programme seems like a different non-meds approach 

I have today e-mailed Dr Roach Director of Research to ask if we could evaluate the programme now it is available in the UK







I am seeing Jakko tomorrow 11am, I found last weeks session quite intense, but feeling optimistic 



I will be at the clinic on Thursday, apparently there will be a group of 4 of us there



Has anyone here brought the 10 week course of PD Warrior I know its available off their website at a cost of £200.  I know its a lot but if it works I will buy it.





I have just completed the course at the Morello Clinic in Newport. It has worked for me my walking and stamina has improved, I also enjoyed the social aspect with like- minded people. I intend to carry on with the programme at the clinic. Have my assessment tomorrow to see how far I have come since starting the programme.


Hello Shefinn

Good news. I heard yesterday that PD Warrior will be offered at GEH physio dept soon (March/April)!

Maybe see you there.




That's brilliant Marole, I'd forgotten about that, will speak to my physio and see what happens, will let you know.....thanks