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Why so few new topics in Research discussion?

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Well said Babesbrown.

Maybe PUK should be looking into things that improve daily life and living with the condition, rather than a cure, because I have heard all this for so many years I am almost at the point of cancelling my monthly direct debit to PUK because all the money that is sent from branches and individuals for research is getting us nowhere nearer a cure after decades.

With respect, PUK Admin on here always avoid the main issue and take up the side issue, with a referral to the helpline.




            Well I agree  with  all  comments  here  but  the  money needed  for  research is  a  major  obstacle why are  humans  so  stupid , spending trillions on killing  machines  when  so  many suffer   I have left  my  brain  to  science  though I only have 10 brain cells  now at 66  so  by the   time Im  76 ill be left  with  1 or 2,  anyway  we  live  brains  to  work  out  ways of  defeating  parky ,  also  the  odds  of winning  the  lotto   are  128000000 to 1,so  imagine  the  scenario  Im   given  a  cheque  for  £124 000 000 which I will  give £100 000 000   to  Parkinsons  research  and  the  news  comes  through  that  a   cure  has  been  found as  a  result,,  the  shock  stops  my  heart,,,good  old  sods  law  eh




Oh Fed

The answer is simple!

Spending trillions on killing machines...massive profits for arms manufacturers.

No cure for Parkinsons....trillions spent on Parkinsons meds....massive profits for drug companies.

No profits.

Cure for profits....and no huge CEO salary for head of PDUK.

Greed rules...

How I wish it wasn't so.






                Nnng,  I am a thicko at  times, I never thought  of  it like  that but  you  are  absolutely correct  so we are  doomed   then, should  I go  ahead  with  this painfull  toth  extraction tooth  tooth  extraction or  let  some  nutter ( rhymes  with  bump) extract my  life  as  he annoys   the  NKs Chinese and Russkie into    a showdown,  I would  rather miss the  dentistry  , so  its  armageddon then,,  decisions decisions, at  least  it  wiill  cure evryones parky.

                                                                   Fatalistic FED


KatC Parkinson's UK

Hi everyone,

I'll feedback your thoughts and feelings on this matter to the relevant people in the organisation. If you'd like to discuss the matter of cancelling direct debits and your reasons with someone please let me know, I'll put you in touch. 

It must be frustrating for some of you, I can see it. But I'm a moderator of these forums. I'm here to support you or answer your questions  when I can. When I cannot and I feel you need to talk to either a Parkinson's nurse or an adviser, I'll remind you that this service is there. That is my job and I try to do it to the best of my ability. I understand that it is not always enough. We want what is best for the community. 

Please let me know if you'd like to talk to someone about what's been raised here. 







Hello Kat

                              Thank you  for  your  kind  concern , I know some of my posts  are a bit ranty  ,is that a worn  ,,, at times  silly at  others  and  scared  at some  developements  and then  of  course  there  silly  which I like,  I tend  to be  silly in the   morning  from 7 30  until  1 00 1  30 ish then I begin to  slide back slowly at first  and no  noticible by  others but inside my head a small war is  underway  and  its  no quarter given, I press the boost   on  Ddopa and that halts pd  in its  tracks (for a while)  but after  1hr  or  so it  starts  again and by now im tired, and the fights  gone  out  of  me  the  only  thing  is  distraction,, ie  this   toplap,  or  constructive  arguments  but eventually  its  bedtime,  then  a new  war  starts  in my  dreams  which  are so  gutwrenchingly awful  I cant even write abut them here prostate and viscous back  pain and NPS  round off  the  average day  for  me,  as I said  thankyou  for  your  kindness  in a average day for me  I find kind is blind in m mind,   ,,,,a little  silly  still  there ??

                                                  Kind Regards  FED AND GREAT  NEW  YEAR to  you  kind  young  person