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Dopamine Agonist Catastrophic Behaviour - Ultimate (?) Prevention Tool

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He never took a  ankle if a leg was available, the  local sweeny  said  he  was the biggest pit  bull  he  had  seen  and  ticked me off telling  me  to  fit  a   muzzle  to him, I told him if  he  wanted to  muzzle  him he  was  wellcome to  try,  so  he  was  confiscated and  sent  home  to  KOMODO LAND,, ive got  a  Honey Badger  now peace  at  last,,???!!  bl???y  hell !!??  ,, sorry  he has attacked    my neighbours Rhino Ronnie,, ttzt  pets  eh, nowt  but  trubble,this  used  to  be  such  a  quiet  street. OHH B??rgr   cmere  bruce    sit  sit


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