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Spinnaker Tower Charity Abseil - 9/4/16

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Well done Ken. Great vidoes. Looked really scary as you stepped off the platform,

And for your next trick . . . .?





Amazing. Watched your videos. You are so brave. Well done.


Not brave, just lucky I know I have no fear of heights provided I have a secure rope and another more sensible soul is stopping me going too fast with another rope.

Looking back at the videos I realise just how fortunate I was to get the timing of my Parkinson's medications spot on for this drop. Funny how the Parky foot shuffle in reverse almost looks like I'm moonwalking on purpose. So buzzed by the experience I wanted to go again right away. Didn't happen as the adrenaline rush triggered the next OFF phase 2 hrs before my next meds.

For bravery,  look at Julie's video who was in the line behind me.  She was much braver than me to face her fear and overcome it.  It's on YouTube at