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you can get all the info you need from this website i also recommend an online course i took FREE it is called GOOD BRAIN BAD BRAIN PARKINSON'S through Future learn it is a three week course I never was very good at school with any subject but I scored 84% more than my area PD nurse. I am quite proud of that score and the course was very interesting.

the more we know about this B**** of a condition the more we can help ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thanks BB

I might take a look at that course.  Hope things have improved for you x


yes they have thank you Lexi two days on the trot no distonia and funny enough my bad spell seems to have brought me and my husband closer together maybe he has finally seen just how much i fight this everyday so when i dipped down so low it maybe scared him a little don't really think he under stood before the difficulties we face daily.


BB xx



Sometimes the hurdles we face make us stronger! Hubby and I are the same. Coming through these things by working together brings us closer and stronger. This is a new one for us and the family but I'm sure by taking a day at a time we'll get there.


glad to hear it take care my love xx bb