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Does dance help with Parkinson's symptoms?

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If you are still interested, you can find ballroom dance classes in London here: Ballroom classes in London

I hope I have helped at least a little bit. 


I am almost daily  mystified ny the number of  research projects  that start from square one on a topic already widely investigated.  A one off Google search under "Tango and Parkinsons" has just, as I knew it would,   fetched up 20 sites, detailing research into the subject. Some or even several of  these  will of course overlap - I haven't tried to  to cross ref.  , To me this seems to imply a colossal waste of time and energy  npt to mention funds which have been  collected by charitable endeavour.   I am not referring to anecdotal evidence but other research projects working independently of each other..  I am probably targetting the wrong peoplel in this instance and apologise if this so.... Editing time running out.  Best wishes with your studies. ....