Our brand

Throughout 2019, we're updating our brand with a fresher, more modern, more memorable look and feel.

We know from research that not enough people understand Parkinson's or its impact, so we've been looking at how to change that.

We've also been looking at how we can best express who we are and what we do as a charity.

Following this work, we've updated our identity – how we look, feel and sound – to help us stand out from the crowd and get Parkinson's noticed.

Our old brand has been around since 2010, when we created a new look, and changed our name from the Parkinson's Disease Society to Parkinson's UK.

9 years later, it's time for a refresh!

What's new?

Lots about our brand is already working – like the cyan blue, our logo and our distinctive stencil font – so they're not changing significantly.

Instead the refresh builds on that with new colours, an additional font and stronger language, to make our brand more creative, bold and people-first.

This is a phased refresh – not a rebrand – which means it will evolve gradually over the year. It also means new and old communications and materials can happily sit alongside each other throughout the year.

Check back soon for some new tools and guidelines to help everyone use and understand our revised brand identity.

Be a brand champion

Parkinson's UK Create makes promoting your local events, activities and services quick and easy.

Tailor our branded templates to suit your needs and download them to print at home.