Life-changing care

Local health and social care services for people with Parkinson's are fragmented and inconsistent.

This means that care varies hugely depending on where you live.

We're in the unique position to change this.

We listen to the needs of people affected by Parkinson's and drive forward improvements.

This allows people with Parkinson's to stay independent and live life to the full, wherever they live.

The power of multidisciplinary teams

We work alongside professionals, through the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network, to make sure everyone with Parkinson's gets high-quality care through a multidisciplinary team (MDT).

Working together effectively

Without an integrated and bespoke approach to care, people with Parkinson's can miss out on crucial aspects of their treatment.

Parkinson's care works best when all of the professionals involved work together in a collaborative way and are empowered to support people with Parkinson's fully.

More than 4,500 professionals share best practice as part of our Excellence Network.
2016 statistics

Transforming Parkinson's care

Through the Excellence Network we enable professionals to share knowledge, tools and experiences, transforming care for everyone with Parkinson's across the UK.

We regularly monitor standards, and we use insights from Parkinson's services to identify emerging issues, pinpoint specific needs and enable the professional community to develop solutions.

We also deliver award-winning training and resources that help professionals stay up to date with the latest and greatest examples of Parkinson's care.

Image of an older man with Parkinson's talking to a health professional in hospital

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