Getting medication on time in hospital

It is crucial that people with Parkinson's get their medication on time. If they don't, they may lose their ability to manage their symptoms. 

"Whenever I am in hospital my wife has to make a fuss before I get my tablets on time. She has even been told they can't give it to me on time, they have more urgent patients." (YLYS 2017)

How does this impact people with Parkinson's? 

54% responding to Your Life Your Services said that not getting Parkinson's medication on time in hospital had a negative impact. 

"I was admitted to the Hospital via A and E for a bowel condition for 4 nights. It was difficult to take the medication at times between meals. It was given by a nurse who did not understand the importance of it being on time and I was quite ill at the time and was unable to speak properly." (YLYS 2017)

Are people able to manage their own medication in hospital?  

63% responding to Your Life Your Services survey wanted to manage and take own Parkinson's medication in hospital but only 54% said this was possible.

"The ward sister would not allow me to keep my medication and did the rounds with all the other patients' tablets. I was under the impression that hospital staff were aware of the need to take them on time, obviously this is not always the case…" (YLYS 2017)