Clinical trials

Find out about our thoughts on clinical trials for Parkinson's.

This statement has been developed with advice and guidance from people affected by Parkinson's, health and social care professionals and other experts.

What we believe about clinical trials

We believe that people with Parkinson's should have timely access to appropriate clinical trials.

It is important that participation in clinical trials for Parkinson's drugs is maximised across all countries and regions.

In order to increase the number of clinical trials taking place and the amount of patients taking part in trials a number of regulatory improvements need to take place.

Why we believe this

Clinical trials are crucial for Parkinson's research. They are studies designed to test whether medical interventions are safe and effective and form part of the pathway of a treatment getting from the lab to patients.

What's the evidence?

Recently the UK's activity in clinical trials has decreased. In particular, between 2002 and 2006, the UK's global share of patients in trials fell from 6% to 2-3%, a trend that has continued since then.

There are a number of factors that could have contributed to this decrease. For example, long timelines for obtaining approval of a clinical trial, complex regulations, a lack of public awareness of the availability of trials and opportunities to take part.

Full policy statement

Parkinson's UK policy statement: Clinical trials (PDF, 217KB)