AGM 2017

Our Annual General Meeting is a great opportunity for members to hear about our many activities and achievements over the past 12 months and our next steps.

What's the AGM about?

Our 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on 14 October in London.

We hold the meeting every year to carry out the formal business set out in our governing document, the Articles of Association (PDF, 380KB).

It's also a great opportunity for members to come together to celebrate and showcase the work of the charity.

Our work in 2017

The theme this year was 'Making it personal'.

We explained how we're helping people who are newly diagnosed with Parkinson's and discussed our approach to diversity.

We also talked about our personalised approach to research. Everyone's experience of Parkinson's is different, and the Critical Path for Parkinson's is enabling future trials to be more sensitive to this difference in people's conditions.

We explored how we're working to build an effective Parkinson's movement through membership – there'll be opportunities for you to contribute to this work in 2018.

Crowe Clark Whitehill were re-appointed as the charity's auditors for another year and the following trustees were elected to the Board:

  • Margaret Chamberlain (England), who has already served the Board for 4 years.
  • Paul Warner (England) – this is Paul’s first term on the Board.
  • Anne MacColl (Scotland), who was originally co-opted onto the Board in 2016.
  • Freda Lewis (Wales), who was also co-opted in 2016.

Read more about our board of trustees.

What if I couldn't make it?

You can find out about what we've been doing and our achievements in our most recent annual report and accounts.

We'll update this page when we know more about next year's AGM.

Any questions?

If there's anything else you'd like to know about the AGM or the wider governance of Parkinson's UK, please contact us on 020 7932 1327 or [email protected]

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