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Parkinson's UK wristband



Show your support for Parkinson's UK with our blue silicone wristband.


Vibrating pill box

Vibrating pill box

£10.83 - £15.00

Pill box with 5 compartments and reminder vibrations or audio alarms for each compartment.

Ergonomic cutlery set

Ergonomic cutlery set


Knife, fork and spoon to make eating easier and more comfortable for those who find it difficult to grip ordinary cutlery.


Enamel owl bookmark

Enamel owl bookmark

Was: £4.99

Use this attractive owl bookmark to make sure you never lose your place again!

Bingo set

Complete bingo set

Was: £23.95

Everything you need to play bingo with up to 18 players. Includes a tombola cage, bingo balls, caller's board, cards and marker counters.

Matchstick puzzles

Matchstick puzzles

Was: £8.99

50 brain–teasing matchstick puzzles for bright sparks and fiery imaginations!