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We won't wait for better treatments for Parkinson's. That's why we're investing in developing treatments to transform lives.

Virtual Biotech

Parkinson’s drugs aren’t good enough. They don’t slow, stop, or reverse the condition and can have side effects.

Now we're at a tipping point. Decades of research have unlocked discoveries to transform lives. That's why we've created the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech, to accelerate new treatments.

What is the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech?

A biotech is a company that uses the latest technology and expertise to take the best science discoveries and develop new medical treatments.

The Parkinson's Virtual Biotech works just like a regular biotech company - creating and testing new treatments for Parkinson's.

But instead of doing it for profit, we are doing it for people affected by Parkinson's.

How does it work?

Our biotech is 'virtual' because we don't have our own labs and high-tech equipment, or employ a huge team of specialist scientists - which would be incredibly expensive.

Instead, we work with partners – such as universities, companies or other charities – who do have these facilities and can carry out the work for us.

This flexibility and collaboration means we can deliver new treatments at a fraction of the cost.

And we can stay agile – rapidly investing in the most promising projects, and cutting off projects that turn into dead ends so that we make maximum use of every pound we spend. 

How long will it take to deliver new treatments?

By 2020, we want a range of new potential treatments to be advancing through our Virtual Biotech, to give us a real chance of finding a better treatments and a cure within years rather than decades.

With guidance from our panel of industry and scientific experts we are selecting projects with the greatest potential.

And like a real company, we are hands-on, managing these projects to ensure they deliver results as quickly as possible.

A unique approach

Our Director of Research, Dr Arthur Roach, explains more about this unique approach and how it will deliver better treatments, faster.

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Parkinson's Virtual Biotech projects

Creating drugs to combat oxidative stress

Parkinson's UK and the University of Sheffield have launched a £1 million virtual biotech company to create new treatments for Parkinson's.

Watch the video below to hear Dr Richard Mead explain more about this pioneering approach which aims to create new drugs with potential to slow, stop or reverse the condition.

Parkinson's Virtual Biotech

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