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Current Parkinson's drugs aren't good enough. They don’t stop, slow or reverse the condition – they just mask it for a time. And they can have distressing side effects.  The last significant drug discovery for Parkinson's was over 50 years ago. Despite huge scientific progress, there have been no major advances in Parkinson's treatments in the last decade. 

This just isn’t good enough. People affected by Parkinson's need a breakthrough and we won't wait any longer. The science is ready, we have the expertise, and new treatments are within our grasp.

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Our groundbreaking GDNF trial

The trial is a £2.5million study exploring the effect of delivering GDNF – a special protein, known as a growth factor – to the brain cells that are lost in Parkinson's.

Neurologist Dr Alan Whone and his team explored whether GDNF can slow down Parkinson's. Results are expected soon, and if positive, could lead to the first treatment to slow the course of Parkinson's – something no current treatment can do.

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