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Parkinson's Awareness Week 2014

Watch our film and give a moment to understand

There's much more to Parkinson's than you might think. Give some time to understand.

You can still watch our 2014 film and help spread the word.

Find out about Parkinson's Awareness Week 2015

In control?

Parkinson's takes away control

What if your brain wanted to send a message - but you couldn't put the right one together? If you wanted to eat - but couldn't swallow? If you wanted to walk - but your legs were glued to the spot?

Find out how you can give control back

Did you know?

Parkinson's doesn't just make people shake. A tremor is just one of the symptoms that can take away control.

About the week

What happened?

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Parkinson's Awareness Week 2014 highlights


Parkinson's Awareness Week restaurant poster

Behind the scenes of the campaign

Take control

Support to help you take back control

Support for everyone affected by Parkinson's

People's stories

My worst symptom is stiffness. Yoga can help, but sometimes I'm just too stiff to move. I hope helping people to understand will help make life easier for everyone with Parkinson's.

Diane, diagnosed in 2012
Diane Kay, who has Parkinson's

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