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East Lancashire Parkinson's nurse campaign

The 750 people affected by Parkinson's in East Lancashire have access to a specialist Parkinson's nurse because of a successful local campaign.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen – including people affected by Parkinson's and our local groups.

The Freemasons' Grand Charity has generously donated £90,000 to fund this nurse post.

This releases an additional £90,000 in match funding from the Monument Parkinson's Nurse Specialists Challenge Fund, provided by The Monument Trust. This money will be used for another Parkinson's nurse for those in need elsewhere in the UK.

A quick look at the campaign

  • We had been working to engage local decision-makers in the region for many years with no success.
  • The new health structures which brought in Clinical Commissioning Groups  gave a new opportunity.
  • A determined group of people affected by Parkinson's worked with us to tell the Clinical Commissioning Group how important a specialist nurse is.
  • We created a leaflet to tell people in East Lancashire how important a nurse would be to people affected by Parkinson's in the area.
  • Campaigners sent letters, signed petitions and attended meetings to show the strength of feeling about the need for a nurse.
  • The East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group approved the bid for a Parkinson's nurse.
  • Our staff have worked with the Clinical Commissioning Group to recruit a Parkinson's nurse, who started in September 2014.

Why a Parkinson's nurse is needed

As experts in the condition, Parkinson's nurses help people manage complex medication and help people live independently for longer.

Parkinson's nurse Lisa talking to Harold, who has Parkinson's, and his wife Margaret

As well as bringing benefits to people living with Parkinson's, this helps the NHS save money.

National guidelines say that there should be one Parkinson's nurse for every 300 people with Parkinson's.

We ran a survey of the 750 people with Parkinson's in East Lancashire and 68% of respondents did not have access to a Parkinson's nurse at the time.

We now have more Parkinson's nurses than ever - about 85% of people with Parkinson's in different parts of the UK have a Parkinson's nurse.

But in some parts of the UK we're still struggling to get Parkinson's nurses in place.

Image right: Parkinson's nurse Lisa talking to Harold, who has Parkinson's, and his wife Margaret. Lisa's based in Derby.

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