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PD facial exercises

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PD facial exercises

My PD nurse strongly advised me to start facial exercises every day, because it can make a real difference.I live a busy life, so I decided that the best way to include it in my daily routine would be when I'm driving every day.I started on Saturday,and did them as I was driving along the bypass of my local town. Having seen how awful my face looked in the mirror the day before, I suddenly realised that if I didn't time it right, I could give someone a terrible fright if they caught sight of me, especially the one where I look as if I have had a terrible shock, with my mouth and eyes wide open. It could cause an accident..... I must time it between oncoming cars. I know someone will catch sight of me one day. Oh well...too bad! Butterfly


Interesting butterfly (not the bit about frightening the horses!). Is this to avoid/reduce the so called blank "PD face"?


yep dread the blank face bit but cabn be usefukl to hide behibd

ok this is parky speak ....what the dickrens are you writing woman ...night xxx


oops i meant me not you ....mmmmmmm going now ...Laugh out loud


Yes, Annebernadette, it is to help stave of facial paralysis. The PD nurse gave me a leaflet on the different exercises. She said it really does make a difference, as it does with any of the other exercises for our muscles. If you google "facial exercises for Parkinsons Disease, it has a few different sites. Butterfly

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